Date of Birth

No matches have been made from the Registry for Birthfamilies without a Date of Birth for the Adoptee. Check the resource page for the agency records to get the date of birth. We have not found that CO Birth Certificates have been falsified.

State Run Registry

If you are uncertain if you are a match made from this Registry or any others, both parties should register with the State of Colorado. You need to be sure. There is a $20 fee to register.

Agency Records

There are many types of agency records. Adoptees can request their non identifying information from the adoption agency. Birthmothers should contact the maternity home they gave birth in to resolve the unknown date of birth. See our list on the Agencies page. 

Confidential Intermediaries

At one time, this was nearly the only way to have access to your records and make contact. With the law change regarding the right to the OBC, adoptees are making contact on their own. However, Birthfamilies may still want to seek the Adoptee and use  the services of a Confidential Intermediary (CI). Be aware, the cost start at several hundred dollars, and there is no refund in the event the found party does not want contact. In Colorado, as of April 2016, there are two authorized licensed CI's  listed on the state website. It is always advised to check references and reviews.




How much do you charge for each registration?

There is no charge for a registration and no charge for any matches that are made through the Registry.

How safe is my information?

Your full name, address, phone, and email are stored offline. We do not sell any information.

Can I register my spouse or parent to surprise them when a match is made?

No, the registering party must consent to contact. There may be circumstances where someone cannot register themselves so please explain that on the Registration form.

How do I know you received my form?

You should receive a thank you message after your submission. You will then receive an email from AdoptionSR that either your information has been entered in the Registry, Updated in our files or the likelihood of a match to your Inquiry. Please check your spam folder for any possible email from AdoptionSR.

How do I make a change to the information from when I registered?

Use our UPDATE form so we can verify you are the same person who registered.

Do you check the registry for matches?

Each new registration is checked against existing registrations.

Do you call if there's a problem or a potential match?

Email is the preferred contact, so please keep your email address current. Check your spam folder if you do not receive your Thank You message.

Do you do private searches?

No, see the resources page for support groups and search help.