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LAW in effect January 1, 2016 regarding obtaining the

Original Birth Certificate



Effective January 1, 2016, adult adoptees, most birthparents and other eligible parties (see application for eligible parties), regardless of when the adoption took place, may apply for a copy of the original birth certificate. Currently, adoption records are open to eligible parties through the Colorado courts using form JDF 532T — Request for Access to Adoption Records. Access to adoption information Colorado Revised Statute §19-5-305 details how adoption records may be accessed by adoptees, most birthparents, and other eligible parties.



Former Wards of the State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children can request access to Juvenile Personal Records. Use form JDF 536.



The Colorado Mutual Consent Registry was started in 1997 by Ellen, aka Rema. Ellen helped hundreds of Triad members with their search and reunion questions before her untimely passing in 2004. Shelley continued with Ellen's mission over the years, and we owe her our gratitude and appreciation. The Registry is now held by private individuals who are strictly volunteers. Progress in the Colorado law and web design have led to this updated version. Check in often for new information and registrations.



The registering party must be in full knowledge that they are being registered. You agree that you will accept contact should a match be found. Please be sure that you are ready for contact should a match be made.


The Birth and/or the Adoption must have been in Colorado to be listed. For legal reasons no one under the age of 18 can be listed. That is anyone born after today's date 2000. Unknown Dates of Birth are not listed, but held offline. 


Not affiliated with the State of Colorado. You must include your full name, address, email and phone so that in the event of a match you can be contacted.


Ask about a listing you have found in the registry. 


Are you registered? Search the registry to see if you are, if not, please register. Use this form to update with names, hospital, email, phone etc.



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