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    Registry... A person has "registered" with the owner and provided information to help in making a match and a number to call to notify them of a match. The owner will have, in private files, more detailed information.

    NOTE: Some registries are now so automated that any and all information you enter is made public information. Be careful about this.

    With the above exception, it is a good idea to fill out as much as you can in the registration form. Many registries check for matches at the time you register. The more information they have the better job they can do for you.

Guest books, Bulletin Boards, and Message Boards... are very similiar to each other. The difference is just in what is being used by the website owner.
While available to the public at large, these are NOT registries. The e-mail address should be easy to find and one can directly contact the person who posted the message. In most cases, the owner of the guestbook, bulletin board, or message board will not have any additional information regarding the listing.

    Search posts collections Some people 'collect' all search posts they see as they go from one mail list to another. They compile them in such a way that they can find a match if there is one. Some are doing a good service and are to be commended.

    See the end of this page for a list of defunct registries.

Registries for All states

    International Soundex Reunion Registry

    ISRR is now online for downloading the form to use to mail to them. They accept donations but it is not necessary to donate. If you do not, you will not receive a confirmation letter as they can't afford the envelopes and postage etc to do so.

    Eyes Wide Open Registry

    All registrations are sent on to mail lists so many people see them. Some personal information may be passed on to others.

    Find Me

    Personal information is not displayed, safe to give your home address and phone.

    G's Adoption Registry

    All information you give will be posted except for your address and phone

    Lynch's Registry

    All information in comments section will appear on website.

    Six Nations Adoptees

    Registry for adoptees of Native American heritage. Your personal information visible to all.

    Together Again

    World Wide Registry

    Public registrations.. your home address and phone go all over the internet. Mark it as private. Registrations 'echoed' to professional searchers, some solicit.

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      Bulletin Boards, Message Boards & Guest Books

        A Basic Search Post just has

        your first name .. best NOT to put your last name
        email address .. use one set up for this purpose
        Place of birth
        Place of Adoption
        Who you are searching for (ISO) In Search Of

      It is not necessary and unwise to leave more than that.

      1950's Board

      1960's Adoption Search Board

      1970's Adoption Search Board

      1980's Adoption Search Board

      Adoptee BirthParent

      Adoption Boards at

      Make the subject DOB, city & state of birth, ISO___

      Adoption Forums

      Adoption Genealogy Forum

      Age of Reason

      Seniors People Search

      Ancestry Message Boards

      Go to the state you need.

      Angel Guardian Adoptees

      Brooklyn NY Orphanage Guest Book

      (The) Birthday Server

      Booth Babies Bulletin Board

      Crissy's page

      Diana's search board


      Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics

      Find Law message boards

      First Mom's Genealogy

      Query Board

      Julie Dennis' Dreambook

      Long Lost Family

      Military Brats

      Not an adoption board but could be useful for some of you.

      Missing Person's CyberCenter

      Missouri Message Board

      North Carolina

      PENNSYLVANIA message board

      Pieces of Dreams

      Search Posts, PrincyssT's

      Seeker Magazine

      Sheila's Guest book

      Sherri's Searching North Carolina

      Sylvia's NEW YORK Adoption Page

      Twins Search and Post

      Washington state

      Women's Health

        Defunct Registries

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          Before emailing for help, please read my search tips and use the resources on my website. It took me over six months to write all this.
          I can't answer questions and put all this into an email.. {:-)~[


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