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It is best to read the mail for a while to see what the trend is on the list. Some are sticklers for all the rules, some aren't. When you feel comfortable with it, start sending your own messages.
Many have archives where you can go back and read past messages

There are many reasons why a smaller list may be better for you. It is nice if the moderator checks people out a bit before allowing them to join. You do not want to be on a list where someone is gathering names and email addresses for their own purposes. Small lists are more personal and have a friendly even family feel to them.

If you wish to find a state specific group do a search on "Colorado Adoptees", or "New York Adoptees" use whatever state you are interested in. State specific lists are very good for getting information that relates more directly to your search.

You can also search for "birth moms" and get lists specifically for them. Searching on Family & Home, then Parenting, then Adoption, and next Adoption Search and Reunion will bring up 340 groups to choose from but most are not functioning.

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For members of the Colorado Registry only.

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          You can go to Google and search for newsgroups.

          I am sorry to say that most all adoption related newsgroups are filled with diatribe against most everyone. I suggest reading and not posting. No matter how nice you phrase things, you will more than likely be flamed.


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          Before emailing for help, please read my search tips and use the resources on my website. It took me over six months to write all this.
          I can't answer questions and put all this into an email.. {:-)~[


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