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Not associated with the state of Colorado, this registry is run by a private individual.

For legal reasons, I can not list anyone under the age of 18.
That is anyone born after today's date 1990.

    To be added to the registry, please go to the Colorado registry page for directions.

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I no longer carry unknown dates of birth in the online registry. In the first 7 years that the registry was online I never had a match for an unknown date of birth. Only when a person has pursued the issue and located information giving them the exact date of birth has a match been made.

It is always necessary to prove a match and without a DOB it can not be proven.

I will continue to hold these files offline and in my database, they just will not appear online.

    There are a number of ways to pursue getting more information. If the agency of adoption is known the agency should be called and asked for the date of birth. Also ask for the time of birth as that is the final proof needed to match with someone. For a list of agencies to check with see my website page Agencies

    If the agency is not known then the hospital can be contacted for medical records for the birth mom. This information will include the date of birth and the time of birth. According to CO law medical records must be given to the person they pertain to. All hospitals archive their records. If they tell you they do not have them ask where the archives are and if they will request them for you. If they will not request them get the name and address of the company they use for archiving so you can request them yourself.

    If the birth was through the Florence Crittenton Home (FCH) then contact the current holders of files for the information. Parent Pathways, Inc. 6795 E. Tennessee Ave. #600 Denver, CO 80224 (303) 321-6363. email

    If the birth was through the Salvation Army at Booth Memorial Hospital then contact
    Major Leslie Peacock 800-698-7728

Questions or problems ? Email the Colorado Registry

Periodically I spot check my registry to be certain I still have current email addresses for people. Because some servers do not return an email even if the person is no longer with them I ask that you just hit 'reply' and when your message comes back to me I will know that your address is still valid.

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    Before emailing for help, please read my search tips and use the resources on my website. It took me over six months to write all this.
    I can't answer questions and put all this into an email.. {:-)~[


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