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    This registry is run by a private individual and is not associated with the
    Colorado State Voluntary Adoption Registry.

    Specializing in Colorado Adoption matches

    ~~~ I only accept COLORADO registrations.~~~

    There is no charge to register with me and I do NOT accept donations.

    I must have your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE # so that I will be able to contact you when I get a match for you. This personal information (with the exception of your first name) will NOT be included in the public registry; nor will it be given to anyone, sold to anyone or in any way distributed.

      The one exception to the rule above is:

      If you do not update with me and I have a match for you. I do all I possibly can to find a person to let them know of a match. If after exhausting every avenue I am not able to locate you I will tell the matching party your full name, last known address and phone number.

      I can't accept registrations from or about anyone under the age of 18.
      That is, anyone born after today's date 1994.

    Search the Registry to see if you are already registered

      This is a Mutual Consent Registry with over 5,200 registrants.

      By registering you are saying that if a match is made

      You Agree to Contact

      As more people register matches continue to increase. Please be sure you are READY for contact before registering. When a match comes in for you I will expect you to accept contact with that person.

    *****Please let us know the name of the hospital of birth, particularly if you were born in Denver. We have many adoptees with the same birthdate born in Denver and unless we have the name of the hospital it makes it harder to try and make a match. If you do not know or if your birth certificate says unknown, please do not leave it blank but put in "unknown", Thanks******----------

    Mutual Consent Adoption Registry

    Fields marked with * are REQUIRED

    ***Please include your hospital of birth***

    Your responses go into my database, please fill in with care.

    The person filling this out
    is the registrant.

    * Registrant's (YOUR) Full Name

    * Registrant is: check only one.
    other adoptive family member or friend
    please explain at end of form


    birth mom
    birth dad
    other birth relative or friend
    please explain at end of form

    none of the above
    please explain at end of the form

    * Registrant's (Person filling this out)
    Date of birth
    enter as


    * Your Street Address

    * Your City, State and Zip

    * Home Phone # with area code enter as


    Work Phone # with area code

    Cell Phone # with area code

    * e-mail address

    * Verify email, please enter a second time

    Alternate e-mail address

    URL of web site if you have one

    * searching for: select one
    Any Birth family member
    Birth mom
    Birth dad
    birth brother
    birth sister
    Other birth relative
    - please explain at end of form


    adoptive family, Please explain at end of form

    * Adoptee's Date of Birth
    enter as


    Adoptee's Time of Birth or as close as possible

    Adoptee gender: select one
    If twins, please explain at end of form
    male female unknown

    Hospital of Birth

    * City & State of Birth

    City & State of Adoption

    Date of Relinquishment

    Date placed in Adoptive Home

    Date of Final Adoption

    Adoptee's Birth name
    if known

    Adoptee's current name
    if known

    Female Adoptee's maiden name
    if married and known

    Adoptee's FULL current address, if not listed above

    Adoptee's FULL current phone #, if not listed above

    Birth Mom's maiden name
    if known

    Birth Mom's current name
    if known

    Birth Mom's DOB if known or
    her age when adoptee was born

    Birth Dad's name if known

    Birth Dad's DOB if known
    or his age when adoptee was born

    Agency of Adoption

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION you want to add about
    your search. This can include any or all of
    your non-identifying information.

    Please explain anything unusual in your responses.

    Only send once. I send out confirmation letters
    when your registration is processed.
    If you do not get one in a few days, check back
    to be sure you are listed.


    Our promise to you.



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