and Professional Searchers

If you do not have a name to use in an adoption search most of the following websites can not help you.

There are some people who do have birth indexes and they are the ones you should contact if you can afford to pay to get the name. Not all states have birth indexes available. Colorado does not have a birth index available.

OnLine Databases & Professional Searchers

Triad Ties

Is a CA searcher

CA Adoption Search

another Ca Searcher

CDB Infotek - Choice point

Statewide Searches. By subscription only. $$$

City Data

Stats on cities, lots of interesting and helpful information here

City Directories

Enter state of search and see what is available. There are fees.

Civilian Gov't Records

Colorado Public Records

Criss-Cross Directories

DCS Information Systems

Discreet Research


Lots of searches, some reasonably priced and some that could get high.

Eclass Reunion

Free, finding classmates

Employment Screening

Includes criminal history check etc.


Look up towns, cities, counties

Family Detective

Genealogy professional Searcher

Find Anybody Anywhere

Find A Friend

Find People At YB lost.com

Findermonkey specializes in helping find people born or adopted in the UK

Find People Fast

Given Right

Gladney Information Page

For those adopted through Gladney. Voluntary registry, how to add information to your file. They also do searches and contacts for a fee.

Internet open Records project

Investigative Resource Center

Kale Investigation Agency

Knowx Free Public Records Searches

Must become a member to use.

Law Guru

Legal help


No find no fee. Public Record search not been updated since 1995. members get three free look-ups per day. Membership $200 a year.

Lookup United Kingdom

Maiden Name Site


Lots of free stuff here

Merlin Information Services

Monthly payment plan.

Missing Persons Locator Service


National Association of Counties. You can search to see what county a city is in.

National Credit Information Network

DOB, SSDI, change of address, voter's reg. $$

National Driver Register

About driver's who have had their license revoked, also addresses for DMV's

Pacific Information Resources

FREE public record information, lots of good stuff.

People Find

PI Licensing

State by state requirements

P.I. Mall

NAIS Private Investigator's Link List

Police Officer's Internet Directory

Lots of information and you can look up names

Private Investigator Directory

Public Records online

Can look up all states. Has LOTS free.

Public Records

Nationwide resource. There is a fee.

Public Records

a different site

Public Sources for SSN


Reuniting America

Specialize in Cook County IL Adoption & Genealogy searches

Searchable Databases at RootsWeb

Search Systems

Secret Site

Shadow Trackers Investigative Services



Price list looks reasonable

Spy Tools

Stalker's Home Page

for the average person who is unconcerned about privacy.

Team Investigations

Lots of free stuff

Terra Services

Maps and more

Thomas Publications NAIS Home Page

Unlisted Phone numbers Searches and Background checks

There is a fee

USA Trace

Virtual Gumshoe

Wa Adoption search

Washington Searcher

Worldwide Tracers

Yahoo Real Estate

Zahav Investigations

Information resources